About NavInfo

NavInfo is a China-based technology company leading the way to becoming the “digital brain of intelligent driving” with core businesses in HD map, high accuracy positioning and automotive-grade semiconductors for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Founded in 2002, NavInfo is the market leader in navigation map, navigation software development, dynamic traffic information, location big data and customized connected vehicle services to both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Now, NavInfo is ushering in the age of autonomous driving with a comprehensive technology development strategy and laying the foundation to become one of the most trustworthy autonomous driving solution providers in the China market and beyond.


About NavInfo HD Map

As an important part of autonomous driving system, HD Map focuses on automatic driving scenarios compared with traditional digital map, allowing the autonomous driving vehicle to understand the changing real environment. The real-time updated multi-layer HD Map data through the cloud plays an important role in perception, positioning, decision-making, planning and other modules of an autonomous driving vehicle. It is an indispensable part of the autonomous driving solution.

In 2013, NavInfo initiated its research and exploration in the field of HD map for autonomous driving. In 2015, NavInfo’s Intelligent Map Products Business Unit was founded, which marks the beginning of developing and commercializing the HD map product for > Level 3 autonomous driving system. Today, NavInfo has equipped the ability to offer the complete solution of HD map for autonomous driving, ranging from data collection, automatic production to crowdsourcing and fast iterative. Navinfo’s HD map has a product standard that is compatible with common and high-speed road scenes with centimeter-level accuracy, employs multi-dimensional MMS data updating technology and provides real-time online data distribution services. All these make Navinfo’s HD Map a real-time and reliable sensor in autonomous driving system.

Currently, NavInfo’s HD map for autonomous driving already covered 210,000 km high-speed and urban express roads national wide. In early 2019, NavInfo signed an agreement with BMW and will provide > L3 HD map and services for autonomous driving for all BMW group mass production car models between 2021-2014. NavInfo will continue developing HD map and related technology in the future, as well as actively promoting product’s compliance, standardization and commercialization. NavInfo is open for all types of cooperation with customers and industry partners to co-constructing the data ecology, empowering autonomous driving development with high quality and reliable products and services.