Exhibitor & Demonstrator Hotels

For parties that are exhibiting or demonstrating at the ITS European Congress 2019 and would like to book accommodation in or near Eindhoven and Helmond, please book online via the registration tool below or contact BCD Meeting & Events. We have appointed BCD as our accommodation agency to help you book your accommodation.

Together we have selected a large number of hotels in Eindhoven, Helmond and surroundings, which are shown in the booking partners overview. These hotels can either be booked online by clicking on the booking tool and adjust to your requirements or by contacting BCD via mail. Please note that for exhibitors, the hotels in Eindhoven are the closest to the congress venue and for demonstrators the hotels in Helmond, Nuenen and Mierlo are the closest to the demonstration venue.

Via BCD it is also possible to make group bookings.

In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you make your booking early and check availability and rates by clicking on the hotels links below or call Sarah on +31 800 022 5213 590 or email via sarah@bcdme.com.


Exhibitor lists – BCD M&E is fully compliant to the new GDPR regulations. We urge you to book accommodation early to in order to get the best rates. Please send your dates, names and requirements to sarah@bcdme.com or emma@bcdme.com