The Brainport Region

The Netherlands is an advanced society characterized by a successful economy and a highly complex transport infrastructure. As such, it offers an optimized environment for the research, testing and deployment of the transformative mobility technologies that will define the future of mobility. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, Brainport Eindhoven is a leading technology region in Europe. This world-class top technology region creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow.

Brainport is one of Europe’s most prominent and innovative high-tech centres.
Our strengths:

  • High-tech and design go hand in hand with manufacturing entrepreneurship of the highest quality.
  • Cooperating and sharing knowledge are in our DNA and form the basis for the characteristic open innovation that makes Brainport smart and strong.
  • Brainport responds to a rapidly changing world in a smart way and by onstantly making new connections we create opportunities. For everyone.
  • In this way Brainport attracts talent and companies from all over the world.

In a unique business climate we work together on solutions to major societal challenges in areas like health, mobility, energy, food and safety and security. We look forward to welcoming you to Brainport Eindhoven in 2019.

Hosts of the ITS European Congress 2019: Municipality of Eindhoven and Municipality of Helmond

In the Province of North Brabant local authorities and companies work closely together as a Smart Mobility region. While focusing on the mobility consumer, the province is working on the development of a network of smart mobility solutions to improve accessibility, quality of life and safety.