Idea-driven and powered by entrepreneurial enthusiasm, start-ups are changing the face of mobility and transport. From the way we move around our cities to how we receive delivery of the goods we order, the innovative power of start-ups is disrupting the industry. Hoping to channel this disruptive energy, at the upcoming ITS European Congress in Eindhoven there will be a special host topic on Start-ups, Disruption and Future Workforce that will examine how to integrate start-ups and give them the support they need to reach their full innovative potential.

The topic will examine the impact on transport and mobility of emerging technologies, and investigate how innovative approaches like ride sharing are changing the way companies look at value chains. It will see how best to integrate start-ups and their latest developments into the market and how to develop the right talent for these new types of business.

“We believe it is better to be prepared for the future than to wait and see. This is something that our network expects,” said Marije de Vreeze, ITS Netherlands Manager at smart transport network Connekt.

“So we are constantly looking for new innovations in smart mobility, the next disruptors of our sector. By adding this topic to the Congress agenda, we are taking start-ups, disruption and the future workforce seriously and invite all new innovators to connect with us during the ITS European Congress,” she said, adding that the aim is to make new connections and shape the future with start-ups, disruptors, students and young professionals. “We want them to challenge us and work together to make mobility more smart and sustainable.”

Start-ups at ERTICO

Start-ups are also the focus of a number of activities by ERTICO – ITS Europe, which is targeting increased collaboration with this sector in an effort to ensure that their disruptive potential is tapped to offer mobility that is safer, cleaner and more sustainable and social. One such activity is the ERTICO Start-up Initiative, which will be presented at the Eindhoven Congress.

The Start-up Initiative will offer start-ups the opportunity to benefit from ERTICO’s network of partners and to work with European leaders in smart mobility in a number of focus areas, such as connected & automated driving, clean mobility, transport & logistics, and urban mobility.

As part of the Initiative, start-ups will be able to gain exposure and benefit from matchmaking opportunities with private and public stakeholders within the ERTICO network. The Initiative will also offer them the possibility to gain easy market access to customer relationships and to liaise with established brands in the automotive and smart mobility sector, while benefitting from marketing support and visibility through ERTICO’s events and partnerships. With guidance from ERTICO partners on innovation management, idea enrichment, and product and service definition along with other support, start-ups will be able to broaden their scope and take their ideas to the next level.

“There is a vibrant force of young innovators out there who only need a little push to reach their full potential. With the Start-up Initiative, ERTICO aims to create a mechanism for start-ups to receive the guidance they need to really make a difference in the ITS field. The start-ups will benefit from the depth of experience of our partners; our partners will benefit from the innovative and disruptive energy of start-ups working in their field; and society at large will benefit from the creation of the strong and dynamic start-up ecosystem that Europe needs,” said ERTICO – ITS Europe CEO Jacob Bangsgaard.

Start-ups at ITS European Congress 

The ITS European Congress in Eindhoven will also contain a Start-up Zone, offering start-ups a place to meet with decision-makers, governments, companies and investors and to connect with leading experts in the fields of future mobility, logistics and smart cities. In the zone, there will be space for around 50 start-ups working in the areas of mobility as a service (MaaS), vehicle automation, apps, last mile solutions or any innovative smart mobility solution to pitch their ideas to companies and experts with the experience needed to take them further. Also pitching in this zone will be the winners of last year’s European Start-up Prize for Mobility.

So, if you are a start-up looking to take your smart mobility solution to the next level, sign up to here for an opportunity to present your innovative business models, services and insights to the ITS community. The closing date to register is 12 April, after which ERTICO will review all applicants and select the lucky participants.

Your Workforce – Your Future

For smart mobility companies, having access to the talent needed to make their visions a reality will be key to their success. With this goal in mind, the Your Future Festival, which will be held at ITS European Congress, will provide a place for students, young professionals and companies to connect with each other, share their ideas, research and experiences and make valuable connections for the future. This event will have a laid-back festival vibe, with small stages where students and young professionals looking for a job, thesis or traineeship can promote themselves and showcase their talent in various pitches, workshops and activities, such as a hackathon sponsored by HERE.

For companies, the Festival will be an opportunity to establish direct contact with students and to showcase their brand to top graduates and young professionals from all over Europe. They will be able to do this through various activities, like a speed dating session matching companies with suitable young professionals, or ‘Drive your Future’, which will involve recruiters and talents getting into special automobiles for one-on-one discussions. For more details and to register, click here.

All in all – ITS European Congress Eindhoven will be an exciting place to be for start-ups and young professionals and for companies hoping to benefit from their energy and innovative spirit. Save the date and make sure you don’t miss out on the action. For information on registering to attend the Congress, click here.

ITS European Congress Webinar

The third edition in the ‘top trends’ series of interactive webinars in support of the Congress will take place on 7 May at 15:00 CET. In this webinar we will explore the importance of new innovations in smart mobility and look at the Congress programme in general, highlighting events and sessions that should not be missed! Register here: